Dremel Project Monthly Challenge: May2015

Dremel Project Monthly Challenge: May2015

Unread post #1 by timber715 » Tue May 19, 2015 2:14 am

Starting today, I will be giving stuff from Dremel for those who will be making great things using Dremel tools only.
So until May 31 midnight, I will choose one project on this thread to win a dremel t-shirt, a dremel cap and dremel apron.
Best part is you keep the item.
Challenge #1: engraving on wood (minimum size is 3"x3" maximum size 12"x12")
how hard is that???

some rules:
1. post the project entry on this thread for this month's challenge.
2. step by step process gains points
3. use dremel tools only
4. I will be the judge and that is final!
5. I will ship the item as soon as the winner is announced.
6. open to every cab1net member
7. take pictures from every angle (it gains points)
8. once the winner has been announced, the thread title will be changed to carry the winner's username.
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