TUTORIAL: How to embed links in text

TUTORIAL: How to embed links in text

Unread post #1 by jarod » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:09 pm

"Why on earth would I want to embed something on my post?"

Embedding links to text simplifies a post and adds substantial information as well. This is great when you want to give a website link so instead of posting a garbage-looking string of characters, what you'll have a a finely made title or phrase that the user could just simply click on.

No more eye-sore posts, no more copy and pasting and most specially we get to make the site more readable.

So for everyone's knowledge, here is a simple guide on how to embed links on your text.

1) On the "Reply" page, highlight the text that you wish to embed your link or URL.
2) Click on the "URL" button above the text editor.
3) A new text with appear such as
Code: Select all

4) Enter the URL or address of the site you wish to incorporate on the link.
5) To check if your links or codes are correct, click on"Preview" before you "Submit" your reply.

Hope this mini tutorial helps
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